The Company ForexLBI is a company that offers to our clients the possibility to buy differents software EA for trading and also to receive the assistence and information to build a business in long term with success.

Forex LBI and a Company brokerage International Providing information to the right to Have Success in the Foreign Exchange market. The forex market has always been a world of great opportunities, but at the same time full of risks. Precisely for these reasons and Fundamental rate The Right Choices.
Forex LBI over the years has accumulated extensive experience in the sector, trying to be the reference point in the currency market.


The forex market has always been an outstanding world of opportunities. However, like in all these kind of enviroments, people may fall on plenty of traps. According to studies, research found that almost 95% of traders are not successful in the long term. That is why it becomes crucial to make right choices. Our company, over the years, has accumulated a wide experience on the field and we are striving to be a reference point when it comes to choosing appropriate people, for a long-term success in the world of foreign exchange.


According to our values, we always select carefully the partners to work with. We only pick companies with over ten years experience on the field. For a true long-term success, you need very experienced trading firms, and they need to provide the best services to their clients. From the place where the client is going to invest its money, to the daily earned pip, we have selected the most reliable strategies, with an affordable ratio between gain and risk.


Our offer to our clients comes as a natural consequence. The companies we are going to refer you, exhibit well-defined features, which give to the client the possibility to start with a minimum and affordable investment. You will be able to diversify your portfolio in several systems and strategies, each one with different performances and risks. According to international regulations, all the investment accounts opened will be held separately in client’s own name from the other assets of the bank or the broker’s. This procedure is called segregation of funds: your money will be accessible only by you, and no one else.


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